Coffee and Stories with Diana Marinas & Mihai Corneanu


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    Diana Marinas – Owner & Floral Designer at Casa de Flori.

    Diana studied Japanese while attending the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. She then specialized in the practice of ORIGAMI. In 2010, she transitioned to IKEBANA, which is when the passion for floral design, inspired by Japanese principles, began.
    Diana is a passionate Product Developer with 5+ years of experience as entrepreneur and 7+ years in multinational companies, seeking to influence the world through new ideas. While building a new business, she was able to increase the turnover from zero to 100.000 euro/year, developing new products, designing and planning more than 350 private and corporate events.


    Mihai Corneanu – Business Development Manager, Group Consul at InterNations Bucharest.


    Mihai has over 15 years of experience in Global business development, consulting, advisory and strategy, international media and communication, mainly working on new market penetration and new product development. He started his professional career in the financial industry, M&A and company restructuring, and built expertise in several domains, such as media and advertising, automotive, Pharma, HR, on 3 continents: Europe, Asia and North America.
    Mihai is an MBA grad of Clark University, the Graduate School of Management. He also holds a master degree in Business and Communication and a BS in Finance and Banking.


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