Coffee and Stories with Sara McBride & Ana Popescu – Yoga Mentors

There is so much potential in Romania. It is almost just now getting tapped in to. Yoga community is so powerful…it’s such a great space for almost anybody that is looking for any type of connection.

This edition of Coffee and Stories features two extremely interesting personal journeys, which led to the development of the practice of yoga in Bucharest.

American Sara McBride has been living in Bucharest, with her fiancé, for about a year. She quit her career as a nurse in Massachusetts and started to practice Kundalini Yoga.

Romanian-American Ana Popescu began her dedicated yoga practice in NYC to achieve greater balance, lift her energy in her heavy schedule of acting, training and dancing. That was the beginning of a yogic path where she healed from various physical and emotional problems, the major factors that affect society nowadays. Ana founded Pawan Yoga Studio in Bucharest.

Sara McBride – Yoga teacher

“I love the people of Romania, they are so open and kind. I feel so blessed to be a part of this growing Kula.”

Sara McBride is a 33 year old from Newport, RI. After exhausting herself working as a nurse in Massachusetts, she decided to take a break from the field and during that dark time she discovered Kundalini Yoga. The practice deeply transformed her and continues to bring peace and happiness into her life everyday.

That quote “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see” describes that transition from darkness to light.

She believes that nothing short of a miracle led her to that first class that day and now her passion is to spread the teachings of Kundalini and Vinyasa to others. Sara is currently living in Romania with her fiancé and is thrilled to be teaching to the community here.

Ana Popescu – Alchemist Yogi, Actress, Acting Coach & Human

„I tried the Yoga class and after 5 minutes I found a sort of a peace…It was quiet. And I was like…what is this thing?! I need to do this everyday!”

Ana’s international artistic career has included acting, dance, coaching(acting) and now yoga, meditation and sound therapy. Her unique style of teaching is that of an Alchemist Yogi. Ana’s caring and integrated approach comes from her personal journey, including her move to New York City for 5 years to further her professional acting career.
A Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer Gong Master with over 3500 hours of study and practice and an extra full list of certifications, Ana teaches Kundalini Yoga.

She began her dedicated yoga practice in NYC to achieve greater balance, lift her energy in her heavy schedule of acting, training and dancing. Her studies eventually led her from New York to Hawaii, Portugal, London and Rome, teaching and working with people from all over the world.

Guided by her teachers Ana followed her mission and dedication to Kundalini Yoga and returned to her native Romania, opening Pawan Studio of Yoga & Sound Healing in 2017. An urban yoga sanctuary in the heart of the vibrant capital city of Bucharest, Pawan offers many yoga styles, with an emphasis on Kundalini Yoga and sound healing.

Funky and full of energy, Ana is now based in Bucharest where she acts, dances, coaches actors, rocks the gong, shamanic drums, teaches yoga and travels. She feels deeply that Love is the answer and is dedicated to sharing the transformational technology of Kundalini Yoga for the betterment of people and humanity as whole.

We invite you to watch the recording of this edition to learn more about how you can connect to your inner self.

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